Big Is Beautiful In A Plus Size Bridal Wear

Big Is Beautiful In A Plus Size Bridal Wear

1Henry, an ace photographer, did portfolios for professional models. His job entailed him to work with several attractive young things who were not only dressed to kill, but also women who were scantily clad! Ravishingly beautiful women, with pencil thin figures, slim arms, appropriate bust line, and slim waists occupied much of his time, behind the lens. His job demanded he make trips abroad with these sweet nothings. Henry got married to his childhood sweetheart and was offered a job as a photographer immediately.Back home, his wife Mitchell was once a bit gloomy and apprehensive. The plump and petite Mitchell with a cheerful face was filled with apprehension. After much prompting, prodding Mitchell confided in Henry the cause of her worry. She seemed a bit insecure that Henry would leave her for a pretty looking dame with chiseled and toned body!

And what did Henry have to say? He laughed her insecurities away, for he was always excited to return home to the comfortable lap of his delicate Mitchell! The ever bubbly Mitchell who had to squeeze herself into plus size Hermione bridal wear even on her wedding day had never felt so insecure until Henry landed this job. She always felt comfortable shopping for plus size bridal wear then and never bothered about bulging hips, paunch and the dimples on her butt. She was proud to flaunt her ample bosom.

Henry noticed her sudden interest in aerobics, despite which she was unhappy. He soon realized that her lack of cheer was because her body refused to shed any fat.
“I’ve never seen any model truly content with her body, but loved to watch my wife be herself, comfortable, cheerful and comforting.” He responded.

Soon, it was Mitchell’s turn to realize that Henry loved her in her plus size lingerie, as much as without them! And in no time, Mitchell became her normal self.

This story emphasizes the need for women to look their best with whatever nature has bestowed upon them. It can be very empowering to see a plus size woman, petite or large, voluptuous and curvaceous, carry herself with flair! It should not embarrass plus size women to shop for lingerie or clothes or even wedding gown. Ask a woman with scanty breasts and she will tell you the agony she goes through for the lack of such captivating feminine features.

In ancient Greece and Russia, women were normally huge and fleshy. Stories depict them as plump and sexy, with heaving bosom and bulky butts. A plus size bridal wear might have been considered the ‘in thing’ those days for the queens and royalty, in fact a fashion statement.

As time changes, the wheels of change sweep the world too. Whatever is in vogue today would become obsolete tomorrow and whatever our plus size grand mom wore is the latest fad today! Bulimia and other eating disorders may be the disease afflicting the youth of today, but tomorrow, young women would perhaps gorge themselves with healthful food for a more rounded figure.

And what use is a figure if it can’t provide the soft comfort to a man? What use is an embrace that nudges and pokes? So woman, relax and be proud of your plus size bounties and when in a shop, be proud that you’re the personification of womanhood. A true man would want a plus size body to complement his well toned, burly physique.

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