Four key features of a good cheap web hosting provider!

Four key features of a good cheap web hosting provider!

Description: When looking for an affordable and dependable web hosting service there are four key features more important the cost alone.

You continue his quest for a reliable cheap web hosting provider has finally come to an. As we will show you in this blog post that perfect solution for the small business website you been looking for has been in front of you all the time. The problem is that when looking for a low-cost the first thing people do is go after the spamming low-quality providers and or the advertising gurus at GoDaddy, HostGator, or BlueHost!

They are reliable very low cost hosting services around every corner of the Internet if you know what to look for! You be amazed at the large customer base in the extensive support along with professional security some of these less known providers offer.

The key to be able to do business with an reliable cheap hosting company is balance. If you’re able to find the balance between service and price you got yourself a winner. Finding the right balance makes all the difference in the world. The dilemma with most web hosting rookies is that it is not as easy task all the time to find a web hosting provider with proper balance between service and price. But if you are looking for a web hosting providers who are in your wallet’s range and you still want to make the best of them, look for the following elements, which you must acquire in your affordable package to get the maximum out of your web hosting experience.


Look for these four ‘S’ of cheap web hosting, the Speed, Security, Services and Support.


How can you tell if your site is going to be fast enough before committing to a hosting contract? Simple, just observe the downloading and response speed of the web hosting provider’s web site, which obviously (and it’s never wrong) is hosted on their own web servers. If the provider’s web site is working good and loading very fast and is very responsive then chances are that by choosing bad web host provider, your website would have similar performance.


if you’re in a tight budget is likely you’re going to rely on the web host provider for securing your website. Security is a key benchmark nowadays when deciding to chose a website hosting provider. Google the providers name along with the keyword “hacked”. Call the customer service line and ask them questions about their security features and protocol. Gather as much information as you can, remember, the more you know, the more secure you are. It is not rare nowadays to put the question out on social media as your Facebook and Twitter friends if they know anything about the provider.


when choosing a plan make sure that it includes essential services without any additional fees. Many providers charge additional money for features like cPanel and WordPress installation. Make sure you have sufficient disk space for your website requirements as well as comfortable bandwidth, and email addresses. Some web hosting services even provide search engine submission been designed services for a small additional cost. Look for detail list of services provided on the website this is a good sign that you are dealing with a reputable company.


Support, support, support, the fastest server in the world at the lowest cost means nothing if it goes off-line. Deal only with web hosting service provider who offer 24/7 support desk with chat capabilities. Some low-budget providers operate with skeleton crews and sometimes getting support in a timely fashion is difficult. It is important to point out that rarely does a providers website is on the same server as the customers. For this reason you must always carry with you contact information such as hot line number in order to contact the provider in the event of a down server. A dead server may go unnoticed in a large data center with hundreds of them. Unless reported problems will go unnoticed for hours at a time.

Once you have found all the above specification including the best price and performance you would definitely know the you have finally found a reliable cheap web hosting provider. Be aware that some of the best affordable hosting companies out there do very little advertising and I’m not very well known to the general population. Although a lot of people put an emphasis in cost you might experience finding a balance a between the best speed, top security, user friendly interface, option of additional scripts and software are more important.

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