Searching To Have An Affordable Sports Utility Vehicle? Try The Jeep Patriot

Searching To Have An Affordable Sports Utility Vehicle? Try The Jeep Patriot

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Much with a people’s surprise, SUVs continue to be selling and therefore are sought after by clients who desire the utility that these kinds of vehicles offer. However with one small caveat — that Sports utility vehicle must get good fuel mileage.

The leader for those SUVs insofar as gas mileage goes may be the Ford Escape Hybrid. For 2009, the hybrid Escape deliver 34 mpg city and 31 mpg on the road combined with the twin Mercury Mariner Hybrid, not one other Sports utility vehicle comes close.

But, the price of purchasing a Ford Escape Hybrid scares many people off, since it’s near $30K beginning cost is much to swallow. Fully loaded, the Escape Hybrid may cost around $36K, just over the base cost from the luxury Cadillac CTS

A Obviou Champion: Jeep Patriot surveyed the little Sports utility vehicle market lately and determined the Jeep Patriot was the most cost effective Sports utility vehicle to possess, costing proprietors about 48 cents per mile to function. That figure includes fuel, insurance, financing, depreciation, taxes, maintenance, and repairs.

“Despite the fact that gas costs are high, some individuals are still looking for an activity-utility vehicle to satisfy their demands,Inch stated Jesse Toprak, Executive Director of Industry Analysis, “For individuals consumers, vehicles such as the Jeep Patriot are relative bargains within their segment.”

Good Gas Mileage, Excellent Basic Level Cost

Operated by a couple.4L I4 engine combined with a 5-speed stick shift, the Patriot produces 172 horsepower and 165 lb.-foot. of torque. The 5 passenger Patriot offers a respectable 23 mpg city and 28 mpg on the road, the second number just 3 mpg under the Escape Hybrid. More telling may be the Patriot’s base MSRP of $17,065, some $11,000 under the Escape Hybrid. Want a hybrid? That cost differential will require many years to constitute unless of course you need to do heavy driving.

Of significance would be the sales figures for that Jeep Patriot, that are up by 119% over this past year despite the general domestic automotive market being lower by double digits this season. Jeep’s Senior Manager of brand name Marketing, Robert Hegbloom explains the popularity by doing this: “In difficult periods such as this, it is essential that we still evolve our products to exceed customers’ needs and Jeep Patriot does exactly that. By supplying great gas mileage, performance, handling and versatility, all in an affordable cost, the Jeep Patriot is really a tremendous value.”

Most likely the high cost of gas has scared you from SUVs, however the Jeep Patriot offers proof that value can be purchased even within the industry’s most battered vehicle segments.

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