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Marriage and Attachment Parenting Resources

Marriage and Attachment Parenting Resources

This Principle isn’t complete without studying API’s principle on Pursuing Balance in Personal and Family Existence.

Attachment Parenting Worldwide recognizes the significance of nurturing and fixing your marriage throughout the parenting years. Studies have shown couples which have a household centered look at family existence tend to be more emotionally committed to each other and fewer vulnerable to divorce. Attachment Parenting offers many possibilities to place the household first and make healthy sincere relationships not only between parent and child, but between spouses too.

Research also shows that when adolescents experience Marriage & Parenting behaviors characterized by API’s 8 Concepts of Parenting they’ve got more positive romances using their partners in their adult years. Attachment Parenting provides possibilities not to just strengthen your marriage, but to possess a positive impact on your kid’s marriage.

Parenting could be a strenuous period in almost any marriage, an infant brings by using it many new challenges including lack of sleep, less disposable earnings, new house work needs, childrearing responsibilities, and fewer one-on-once. API sees that all couples need sources to assist them to maintain their marriage strong throughout the child rearing years–that respect their parenting philosophy. API encourages couples to analyze their parenting choices together, and discover about child development and attachment, in addition to attend support group conferences together.

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