Top 3 Pentecostal Female Preachers in Nigeria

Top 3 Pentecostal Female Preachers in Nigeria

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Ladies have constantly assumed a noteworthy part in the early Church and even in the present Church as they have turned into a wellspring of help to their mate in service. The following is a rundown of the best three Pentecostal evangelists in Nigeria and their different services. One special component interfacing them three is the way that they are altogether dowagers.

Minister Nkechi Anayo Iloputaife

She is the spouse of the author of Faith Apostolic Churches San Antonio TX Revival Ministries World Outreach Lagos Late Bishop Harford Iloputaife. An appealling minister with solid assurance, enthusiasm and energy for singles and adolescents, she remains a noteworthy power in the Pentecostal development in Nigeria.

One of the highlights that sets her part, is her one of a kind showing composition which has seen her been welcome to meetings and workshops in Nigeria, Europe and everywhere throughout the world. She is additionally the author and leader of “Handmaiden of God Ministry International”- an overall ladies service with branches all finished Nigeria. Minister Nkechi is a pleased mother with two awesome youngsters Helda and Chukwuebuka.

Diocesan Margret Idahosa

She is the female authority of the prominent Idahosa family in Edo State Nigeria. Her better half Bishop Benson Idahosa was the establishing father of the Pentecostal development in Nigeria. She assumed control over the mantle of Leadership in the Church of God Mission International when her better half passed on to unceasing radiance on the twelfth of March 1998.

A lady of incredible confidence and steadiness, she has made highlighted unmistakably in the development of the Pentecostal development in Nigeria with her learned interpretive lessons and ministrations both in Nigeria and over the globe. She is the author and leader of Christian Women Fellowship International (CFWI). She priests to ladies, adolescents and singles through tradition and courses.

Witness Eunice Gordon Osagiede

Witness Eunice Osagiede is a lady with the command to win souls for God through the instrumentality of undiluted expression of God. She is the spouse of the late Bishop Gordon Osagiede-leader of the Spirit and Life Bible Church with home office in Benin City Edo State. She is an exemplification of internal and external excellence with a one of a kind endowment of petitions. Her calling drove her to start the Godhead petition service and the Jesus Women supplication band service.

Her enthusiasm for affecting the young people and singles with the finesse of blessedness and equitable living has made her a famous visitor evangelist in most tradition and ladies workshops in Nigeria.

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