UltraSurf Guide and Review Online

UltraSurf Guide and Review Online

UltraSurf is diverse from the majority of the Virtual private network services we review. This can be a free service, supplied by the organization UltraReach, that is headquartered in america. It is built to help individuals China circumvent government censorship, but includes a global users list. It’s probably the most popular censorship circumvention tools offered at present.

Prices and Plans

The product is totally totally free nevertheless the software client creates Home windows Computers.

Privacy & Anonymity

UltraSurf is built to circumvent censorship, but it isn’t a privacy tool in the same manner the products from your preferred providers are.

UltraSurf does log. The logs aren’t retained for any lengthy time period, download ultrasurf uses the information to check on their network performance. The corporation continues to be belittled to be too prepared to start information towards the government when requested.

The service filters content, too, that is possibly ironic, given their mission. Adult sites and a few other content might be unreachable within the network.

UltraSurf 1

Torrent Policy

This particular service is browser-based and never suitable for torrenting.

Customer Care

Customer care can be obtained via YouTube videos along with a user focus on their site.

UltraSurf is extremely simple to use. This program is available in a zipper file and needs no installation. Following the program is downloaded, you just extract it, double-click on the EXE file and also the program runs.

This program will open IE automatically, however, you can alter this within the preferences menu. A gold lock icon seems within the system tray part of the screen, indicating that you have been routed with an encrypted proxy. The customer also displays an easy status window that allows you to know you’re connected. Server selection is automatic.

UltraSurf not just tested impressively for any free service, but rivaled the best compensated services available. Actually, there is barely any speed reduction whatsoever. The product generally includes a good status for performance and, within our testing, it resided as much as that status. Our speed only dropped 2Mbps.

IPCheck and DNSLeak

UltraSurf altered our IP and DNS server addresses effectively.

Feature Summary

  • Free
  • Simple to use
  • No installation needed
  • Automatic server selection
  • High speed

We Loved

  • Readily available
  • Free whatsoever

Areas For Improvement

The corporation continues to be belittled because of not allowing third-party inspections of their product. There’s hardly any information on the more knowledge about how it operates, but UltraSurf may use TLS/SSL security.


This particular service has quite a bit. If you are inside a nation where Access to the internet is censored and can’t purchase a more feature-wealthy service, UltraSurf is a great option. It’s surprisingly fast. It’s not, however, appropriate for torrenting and there’s some censorship about this network, so UltraSurf isn’t a substitute for the standard Virtual private network service.

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